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Mooreland Education System (MES)

The academic approach of Mooreland University is based on the modern educational concept. Diploma/ Bachelor/Master / Ph.D. degree programs in different subjects including Business Administration, Public Health, Accountancy, Applied Psychology, Fashion Design, Political Science, International Relations, Telecommunication and Computer Sciences are designed, for motivated adult students / working professionals with minimum two years of work experience (30 Years or above age). Diploma/ Bachelor/Master and PhD degree programs require you to successfully complete the study courses aided for your guidance by text books and video cassettes.

Diploma/BBA/ MBA /M.Sc - Political Science, International Relations, Telecommunication and Computer Sciences, MA. Fashion Design, MPH (Master in Public health), MSC. (applied Psychology), and Ph.D, Programms have Specially been designed for executives. (Minimum age 30 years or above) Mooreland University offers Distance Learning Program for developing Countries which Specially Suites to the female population as it affords them an opportunity to Study at home. Similarly People living in the far-flung areas where the formal education System is not available, also get an opportunity to be educated. A Student Can Join Mooreland University for one or two Courses in a Semester and can come back when he/she has time to study. Thus the period for completing their certificate and degree requirement is linked to the student’s own pace and convenience.

The university will confirm your award of degree through e-mail to any enquirer upon written request. The university will confirm the degree awarded, its date and subject. This is normally all that is required from any inquiry. The university can also supply copy of the transcripts or student’s records, or verification letter can be issued on payment of extra cost / verification fee i.e. pound sterling 125/- (payable by the inquirer)through TT (Telegraphic Transfer) in favour of “Mooreland University” or Designated Bank account. The inquiry may be submitted to the university concerned coordination Centre.
Mooreland College London (UK)
Mooreland Education System

Mooreland College London Ltd (UK) and Mooreland Education System (MES) trading name of Mooreland Education System Societyregistered under S.R act XX1 of 1860 (Literary & Scientific Institutions), No RS/ICT/617 is an organization working as coordinating agency among the students of different regions and universities from USA, Europe, UK and Australia. MES facilitates the International students for taking admission in these universities. Mooreland Education System is parent organization of Mooreland University.

Status of Qualifications
MOORELAND UNIVERSITY International American University private, independent, distance learning / correspondence school created entity of (authorized , accredited & managed by) MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860, No RS/ICT/617 ( Literary and Scientific institutions ) Islamabad since since year 2000 had collaboration with "Sky Link Hospitality" Inc Maine State, USA and extension of Mooreland Education System" Inc New Hampshire, state, USA and Mooreland University Inc state of Maine, USA and American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA) Inc. USA, international coordination centre Islamabad and Coordination Administration Centre in UK through Mooreland College London registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK)  sister organization of MOORELAND SYNDICATE for PEACE through Education Culture and Socio Economics Development has coordinators in 40 countries.
Mooreland University Certificate and diploma qualifications are not under any British national or governmental qualifications accreditation framework. In the UK, it is legal to issue certificates and diplomas in many fields without government authority or approval and there are many UK private sector schools that do so especially in the areas of complementary therapies, personal development, business training  and vocational skills.
Also, in the UK there is no specific standard for a "certificate" or "diploma" across all colleges or even all accrediting bodies. In many cases, a diploma is held to be of greater length or of higher standard than a certificate but that is not always the case, and it can be difficult to compare one course with another.  In the UK, a diploma is the most favourite qualification, in contrast with the US where diplomas generally refer to high school, and certificate is the desired title for most professional and training qualifications. Please look at the specific course details to see if the course covers what you need.
Because Mooreland University attracts students from many parts of the world, and "diploma" is preferred in some countries whereas "certificate" is preferred in others, we will consider tailoring the title of the qualification to the local needs of the student.  For example, a course featured in our website or prospectus as a "diploma" may be given the title "certificate" for a US student subject to approval.  This may make some of our courses more appealing to overseas students.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:It is the applicant's responsibility to make any relevant enquiries from professional bodies, etc. about the suitability of any course before enrolling. If you are outside the UK, it is especially important for you to find out what specific types of qualification are required in your country for the work you wish to do.  If you are travelling to a different country for work, you will need to find out that country's specific requirements for qualifications and any associated legal documents.
Because Mooreland University's certificates and diplomas are private and not approved by any government-linked body.
MOORELAND UNIVERSITY created entity, trade name of Mooreland Education System Society strives to make straight forward statements about issues of accreditation or recognition. Mooreland University created entity , trade name of (authorized , accredited & managed by) Mooreland Education System society legally registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860 (Literary & Scientific Institutions), No RS/ICT/617 ) outside the UK does not mean UK accreditation or recognition by the British government or any other Government.
MOORELAND UNIVERSITY trade name of Mooreland Education System Society  is not a UK university & therefore does not have UK accreditation or recognition by the UK  government. MOORELAND UNIVERSITY trade name of Mooreland Education System Society is not a US university and so cannot come within the official US regional accreditation system or be "regionally accredited" in the US. Mooreland University is not an EU university. Mooreland University is an international private distance-learning university.  There is no government-approved accreditation system for such universities.
Mooreland University degrees are not designed to meet any particular statutory occupational licensing or other requirements of any single state or country, and it is the prospective student’s responsibility to ensure that the degree sought meets all desired requirements in terms of acceptance by local employers, educational institutions, professional bodies and for the purpose of local vocational or employment licensing laws. Prospective applicants are directed to carry out local enquiries in their own country concerning such matters by contacting whichever local bodies the applicant deems relevant to his or her purpose. Mooreland University cannot undertake to do so on the applicant’s behalf. Mooreland University students tend to value individuality, flexibility, love of lifelong learning and a holistic approach more than the restrictive conventions of traditional higher education. Most students are professionally qualified, or will already be pursuing routes to professional credentials, and will be interested in a distance learning degree primarily to acquire a degree qualification
What is Recognition
There is no precise meaning of this word, so it is difficult to answer queries about it. You always need to specify, recognised by whom and for what purpose?  
Individual employers, professional bodies, and other bodies and agencies all have different recognition criteria depending on exactly what is being recognised to what end.  Recognition does not mean accreditation - for example an employer may recognise a degree but that does not mean the company accredits it!  Even government-accredited degrees may not be recognised by certain employers or foreign governments or for certain specific jobs or  professional memberships.  And most agencies who say they do not recognise certain types of degree have no power to accredit any degrees at all.



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