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International Distance Tutorial and Admin Centre:

Student should send his/her CV and application at Mooreland University application form through email and also post his/her application along with supporting documents and fee through T T (Telegraghic Transfer or Bank Draft or Paypal as the case may be) in favour of Mooreland College London ltd (UK) or Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University or the designated account of the execitives of Mooreland College London.Total fee may be paid in lump sum or in mutually agreed installments. Please note that Mooreland does not accept Western Union or Moneygram payments.The complete application may be sent at one of the address as mentioned below:

(1)                      MOORELAND COLLEGE LONDON
Coordination Administration Centre,
  52-Stourbridge road, LYE- Stourbridge.DY9 - 7DL
West midlands - Birmingham- England.Great Britain (UK)
(2)                            MOORELAND COLLEGE LONDON
                                     MOORELAND UNIVERSITY
                                        Coordination Centre
                         11 Croston Street - Shelton  Stoke -on - Trent
                                     ST1 4NX    Great Britain (UK)
                                       MISS JYOTI BALA
                                        Coordination officer
                                  Mooreland College London
                                      Mooreland University
                                      coordination centre
The Mango Tree  Bucknall New Road ,Hanley,  Stoke- on- Trent , Staffordshire  ST1   2BQ  Great Britain (UK)
(4)   The application may also be sent at the International coordination centre of Mooreland University. 
(These address are for correspondence only. Personal callers cannot be dealt with at these address.)
Tel. : 00447747830461
Tele: 00447414736253
 Note: Mooreland College London ltd coordinates educational Programmes/ Courses of Mooreland University as its Coordination Administration Centre. Mooreland College London ltd (UK) provides distance tuition for overseas degrees and other qualifications. The degrees are overseas awards (not UK, EU or US awards) and are awarded by Mooreland University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who awards Mooreland degrees?

A: Mooreland College London ltd provides distance tuition for overseas degrees and other qualifications of MOORELAND UNIVERSITY.The degrees are overseas awards (not UK, EU or US awards) and are awarded by Mooreland University.

MOORELAND UNIVERSITY International American University , private, independent , distance learning / correspondence school created entity of (authorized , accredited & managed by) MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860, No RS/ICT/617 ( Literary and Scientific institutions ) Islamabad since year 2000 had collaboration with "Sky Link Hospitality" Inc Maine State, USA and extension of Mooreland Education System" Inc New Hampshire, state, USA and Mooreland University Inc state of Maine, USA and American Nutritional Medical Association ( ANMA) Inc. USA, international coordination centre Islamabad and Coordination Administration Centre in UK through Mooreland College London registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK)  sister organization of MOORELAND SYNDICATE for PEACE through Education Culture and Socio Economics and Development  has coordinators in 40 countries.
The Mooreland University project of Mooreland Education System (trade name of
Mooreland Education System society) offers  its own educational programmes through correspondence / distance learning for capacity building of adults, self employed, senior executives/ professionals having five years working experience at their credit in the relevant field,minimum age 30 years in the world generally and in developing countries specially in liaison with "Mooreland College London" registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK).The students are advised to provide two reference letters written by executives of two different organizations.

Q: Is any attendance required?

A: No. The study programmes leading to Moorelandl University  awards and to Mooreland College London Ltd. (UK) certificates or diplomas are entirely by distance learning. There are no classroom courses in the UK or USA. Attendance for examinations is not required as all study is by continuous assessment.

Q: How does a standard course unit work?

A: The course unit is the building block of most study programmes. Most course units are textbook-based. The student will need to acquire a copy of the core textbook for the unit. The Mooreland College London Mooreland University coordination centre issues a lesson plan detailing the set questions that need to be answered for the course. The student will read the textbook, in conjunction with other suggested reading and sources and carry out written assignments based on the text. The typical 3-credit course unit will require written work totalling approx. 3,500 to 5,000 words comprising a number of short questions and a final essay.

Q: Can credits be transferred from other colleges?

A: Credit transfer is normally allowed towards Mooreland University (non-UK) degree courses. At the Bachelor's level, up to 50% of the degree may be credited through transfer credits from other colleges as well as other further education, professional qualifications, skilled work experience and other achievements. At postgraduate levels, credit transfer is more restricted, normally to university credits, professional qualifications and professional CEUs/CPD courses.

Q: I have been enrolled with a university as Ph.D student and have written a dissertation but have been unable to finish at that school. Can I be transferred to Mooreland University and finish my Ph.D?

A: Yes, provided Mooreland University can award a degree in your field and that Mooreland University is satisfied with the topic and the academic arrangements for completion. Please email with your details.

Q: What is a credit?

A: A credit is the basic measurement of study. Course units are given a credit value, for example 3 credits for the typical course unit. One credit is approximately equivalent to the "semester hour" as used by many American colleges. When calculating transfer credit from professional trainings, workshops, etc., one credit is equivalent to 10 actual attendance hours. The credits used by mooreland university are not equivalent to credits used in UK and EU educational systems. Credits transferred from US colleges will be allocated the same number of MU credits. Credits transferred from UK and EU systems will be evaluated and converted accordingly.

Q: Is it possible to study just one course unit?

A: Not at the present time. As an experiment, a few years ago we offered the study of single units at very low prices, with a certificate of completion for each unit passed. the take-up rate for this scheme was extremely low and it was abandoned. However, it is possible to take several units by arrangement and to obtain a certificate or post graduate diploma for that individualized programme of study.

Q: What is a "challenge examination"?

A: A "challenge examination" system is offered for all taught course units in order to aid experienced and knowledgeable students to demonstrate their expertise. Any course unit, subject to approval, may be "challenged" by an extended essay on an approved relevant topic.

Q: I am pursuing (or about to start) an ongoing professional training course. Can it be counted towards a degree from Mooreland University?

A: By registering for a suitable degree before completion of your professional course, all of your work including workshops, seminars and ancillary study can be counted towards a degree, If you are interested in this option, please email the Mooreland College London Ltd. or Mooreland University with full details of your existing or proposed course of professional study. Therapy and complementary medicine training colleges and training providers in other fields, are also welcome to apply to Mooreland College London Limited Mooreland University for recognition of their courses so that each student will have the automatic right of credit transfer to an appropriate Mooreland University degree. (NB - degrees are non-UK qualifications awarded by MOORELAND UNIVERSITY.)

Q: Is it possible to register for a combined degree programme, e.g. BA/MA?

A: Yes, subject to approval and availability. There may be significant tuition fee savings if you register for a combined degree programme. Please email at with your enquiry, stating your fields of interest and background. (NB - degrees are non-UK qualifications awarded by Mooreland University)

Q: Can MU credits be transferred to other universities?

A: Mainstream universities generally only accept transfer credits from within their own system in accordance with intervarsity agreements. Since MU does not belong to the US, UK or EU educational systems and is not government-accredited, credit transfer to any institution within those systems is unlikely. The same would apply to other non-UK national educational systems.

Q: How do degree grades and Grade Point Averages work?

A: MU modular taught courses are graded similarly to the American Grade Point Average (GPA) system for the purposes of transcripts and calculating the award of honours. This system is as follows:

Grades A,B,C and D are passing grades. Each letter earns a "grade point" which goes towards calculating the student's average performance. The scale of points is given below:

A = 4.00 (Excellent)
B = 3.00 (Above Average)
C = 2.00 (Average)
D = 1.00 (Below Average)

Other grades may be indicated by letters on the transcript, and the letter codes used by MU are as follows:

CR = Credit for courses by Challenge and Transfer

S = Satisfactory, applied to Bachelor's project reports, Master's theses, Doctoral dissertations, Practicums and Internships

*NG = No Grade (unsatisfactory performance)

*P (Pass) or *Fail (for certain courses)

*W = Withdrawal, indicating an official withdrawal from a course by the student

Certificates and transcripts may be issued either using the American-style GBP system or the UK-style "honours" system (depending on location of student), the equivalents being as follows:
A average = First Class Honours
B average = Second Class Honours
C average = Third Class Honours

Q: Do you hold graduation ceremonies?

A: No. Because students start and finish at any time of year and come from many countries, it is not practical to hold ceremonies.

Q: Can Mooreland help me to obtain a student visa to enter the UK?

A: No. There are no classes held in the UK. All study is by distance learning and we are unable to help in any way with visas for entry to the UK or to any other country.

Q: Is it possible to study in a language other than English?

A: No. All study is conducted in English.

Q: Do you provide courses leading to awards from any other universities besides Mooreland University?

A: Mooreland University is the only awarding body for the degree programmes offered via Mooreland College London Ltd.




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