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Mooreland College London 
Mooreland Education System 


MOORELAND UNIVERSITY International American University, private, independent , distance learning / correspondence school created entity of (authorized , accredited & managed by) MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860, No RS/ICT/617 ( Literary and Scientific institutions ) Islamabad since year 2000 had collaboration with "Sky Link Hospitality" Inc Maine State, USA and extension of Mooreland Education System" Inc New Hampshire, state, USA and Mooreland University Inc state of Maine, USA and American Nutritional Medical Association ( ANMA) Inc. USA, international coordination centre Islamabad and Coordination Administration Centre in UK through Mooreland College London registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK)  sister organization of MOORELAND SYNDICATE for PEACE through Education Culture and Socio Economics Development has coordinators in 40 countries.
The Mooreland University project of Mooreland Education System (trade name of
Mooreland Education System society) offers  its own educational programmes through correspondence / distance learning for capacity building of adults, self employed, senior executives/ professionals having five years working experience at their credit in the relevant field,minimum age 30 years in the world generally and in developing countries specially in liaison with "Mooreland College London" registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK).The students are advised to provide two reference letters written by executives of two different organizations.
The consortium of Mooreland University Mooreland College London extension MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM  offer six semesters (24 months) programmes for Master &  Ph.D (in various subjects/faculties including MPH (Master in Public Health),M.Sc (Applied Psychology) MBA (Master of Business Administration) with majors:Hotel Management - International Business-Hospital Administration - Marketing-HRM- School Administration, M.A (Diplomacy) M.A (Development Studies) M.Sc (Farm Management) M.Sc (Waste Management) M.A (Textile & Fashion Design ) M.A (Interior Design & Fine arts ) M.A English literature, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Computer sciences, M.Sc Psychotherapy and Counselling (M.P.C.) M.Sc Homeopathy, M.Sc Herbology & Ayurvedic, Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (N.D./N.M.D.) Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D.) Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines - M.D.(A.M.) Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy - M.D.(E.H.) Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture - M.D.(Acu.) Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines - Ph.D.(A.M.) Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines - D.Sc.(A.M.) and variety of other subjects. After receipt of application and registration fee, the reading material is sent by post to the students by the Mooreland University International coordination centre.
The consortium of Mooreland University Mooreland College London extension MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM offer distance learning / correspondence POST GRADUATION DIPLOMA COURSES ( duration six months-which may be extended/converted to degree programme) in different subjects of social & natural sciences including Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management- International Business-Hospital Administration-Marketing , Human Resource Management (HRM) Hospital Administration, Public Health, Applied Psychology, English literature, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Computer sciences, Interior design & fine arts, Textile and fashion design, School teaching, School Administration,Waste Management,  Psychotherapy and Counselling ,Homeopathy, Herbology & Ayurvedic, Naturopathy / Natural Medicine,Holistic Medicine,Oriental Medicine ,Medicine in Alternative Medicines - Medicine in Electro Homeopathy - Medicine in Acupuncture and many other subjects.
(1) Hotel Management (2) Tourism (3) Business Administration (4) Principles of Marketing (5) Human Resource Management (6) International Business Management (7) Training(8) Education Management (9) Industrial Management (10) Operation Management (11) Material Management (12) Strategic Management (13) Information Management (14) Real Estate Management (15) Small Business Management (16) Environment  Management (17) Solid Waste Management (18) Farm Management (19) Development economics (20) International Relations (21) Diplomacy (22) Leadership (23) Sociology (24) Criminology (25) Hospital Administration (26) Health Management (27) Public Health (28) Hospital and Health System Management  (29) Journalism (30) Mass Communication (31) Public Relations officer course (32) Air Ticketing and Tariff Course (33) Air Hostess and Flight Steward (34) Improving Personal Effectiveness (35) Presentation Skills for Managers (36) Office Management Course (37) Effective Secretaries Course (38) Management Course for Junior Executives (39) Development course for Supervisors (40) Production, Planning, Scheduling and Control (41) Quality Function Development (42) Managing Financial Resources (43) Business and Financial Environment (44) Finance and Accounting Course for non financial Executives (45) Cash Flow Management (46) Development Course for Junior Managers (47) Cost Analysis and Budgetary Control Course (48) Training techniques for trainers (49) Effective Letters (50) Reports writing and Presentation Course (51) Building and Managing High Performance team (52) Effective Decision Making (53) Management by Objectives (54) Interviewing Skills and Techniques for Managers (55) Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills (56) Principles of good Management (57) Effective Communication Skills (58) English Language (59) English learning for IELTS and TOEFL (60) School Teaching Methods (61) Team Work: Getting people to work together (62) Negotiating Skills- How to Improve Morale, Motivation and Commitment (63) Better Field Management (64) Poultry Farming (65) Animal Husbandry (66) Boiler Technician (67) Electrician (68) Auto Servicing (69)  Auto Electrician (70) Building Supervisor (71) Draftsman (Mechanical/Civil) (72) Surveyor (73)Textile Designing (74) Computer Hardware (75) Refrigeration/Airconditioner (76) Homeopathy (77) Electrohomeopathy (78) Herbal Treatment (79) Acupunture (80) Acupressure (81) Anger Management (82) Grief & Bereavement (83) Stress Management (84) Cognitive Therapy (85) Alexander Technique (86) Grief Counselling (87) Domestic Violence (88) Alcohol & Drugs (89) Feng Shui (90) Fitness Trainer (91) Graphology  (92) Life Coaching (93) Hypnosis (94) Hypotherapy  (95) Mind ' Body & Spirit (96) Meditation Teacher (97) Psychiatric Studies (98) Psychology (99) Aplied Psychology (100) Child Psychology (101) Psychotherapy (102) Parasychology (103) Psychoanalysis (104) Sport Psychology (105) Yoga Course (106) Weight Loss Management (107) Farmacy (108) Dental Technician (109) E.C.Technician (110) Laboratory Technician (111) Medical Assistant (112) X. Ray Technician (113) Dispenser (114) Family Planning (115) Midwifery (116)  Nursing Course (Male/Female) (117) Nutrition Therapy in Health and Fitness (118) Beauty Parlour (119) Beauty Slimming (120) Interior Decoration (121) Dress Designer (122) Ladies Tailoring (123) Magnetic Therapy (124) Indian Head Massage (125) Body Language (126) Fashion Design    and many other subjects :NOTE: The prospective student for any of the above cited diploma courses should have sufficient basic knowledge/training of the related subject/field.

TUITION FEE: (All dues i.e. registration fee, tuition , fee reading material charges, or postage charges may be paid through TT(Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft or paypal)
made in favor of Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University or designated account ( in Great Britain/UK) of the executives of Mooreland College London.
(1) MBA/ MPH/ M.Sc or Master in any subject:
         (A) Registration Fee: UK Pound Sterling 60/-
         (B) Total Tuition Fee: = UK Pound Sterling 1080/-
         (C) Postage Charges : UK Pound sterling 120/-
OR -----Registration fee :US $ 100/ Postage charges US $ 300/ Tuition fee: US $ 2600/
(2)     Ph.D (any subject)
:       (A) Registration Fee: UK Pound sterling 60/-
        (B) Total Tuition Fee: = UK Pound sterling 1400/-
        (C) Postage Charges : UK Pound sterling 120/-
OR------Registration fee :US $ 100/ Postage charges US $ 300/ Tuition fee: US $ 3000/
       (A) Registration Fee: UK Pound sterling 60/-
       (B) Total Tuition Fee : UK Pound Sterling180/
OR------    Registration fee US $ 100/ --Tuition fee: US $ 300/
Total fee may be paid in lump sum or in mutually agreed installments.
Student should send his/her CV and application at Mooreland University application form via email along with Registration Fee: UK Pound sterling 60/  through TT (Telegraghic Transfer or Bank Draft or Paypal as the case may be)
made in favor of Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University or designated account ( in Great Britain/UK) of the executives of Mooreland College London.
Please note that Mooreland does not accept Western Union or Moneygram payments.The complete application may be sent at one of the address as mentioned below:

                       MOORELAND UNIVERSITY
                               Coordination Centre
        11 Croston Street - Shelton  Stoke -on - Trent ST1 4NX
                       Great Britain (UK) 

(2)                       MISS JYOTI BALA
                         Coordination officer
                       Mooreland College London
                          Mooreland University
                         coordination centre
The Mango Tree  Bucknall New Road ,Hanley,  Stoke- on- Trent , Staffordshire  ST1   2BQ  Great Britain (UK)

(3)                  MOORELAND COLLEGE LONDON
                         MOORELAND UNIVERSITY
                      Coordination Administration Centre,
                 52-Stourbridge road, LYE- Stourbridge.DY9 - 7DL
                       West midlands - Birmingham- England.
(4)  The application may be sent at the International coordination centre of Mooreland University                  (These addresses are for correspondence only.
Personal callers cannot be dealt with at these addresses.) www.
 Note: Mooreland College London ltd coordinates educational Programmes/ Courses of Mooreland University as its Coordination Administration Centre. Mooreland College London ltd (UK) provides distance tuition for overseas degrees and other qualifications. The degrees are overseas awards (not UK, EU or US awards) and are awarded by Mooreland University.Mooreland University is either accredited by or has affiliation /collaboration arrangements with the following organizations:
(1) Mooreland Education system society.
(2) Intenational University Accreditation Council
(3) Mooreland Education System
(4) Mooreland College London" incorporated in Great Britain
(5) Consulate General of the Republic of Ghana
(6) American Nutritinal Medical Association ( ANMA) Inc. USA
(7) Ms Claudia Ann Tonjes Kinsey, Environmental Nutrition Pte, 15 Amber Road, Suite no 1101, Singapore
(8) Dr. Shahzad Butt, Gulf Resources Co, Post Box 2425 Ardeya 92400 Kuwait Tele:009656771706 - 009657230816
(9) Mr.Francis Patrick, Straits Heritage Lodges 591A, 592,592 A, Taman , Melaka Raya 10, 75050 Melaka, West Malaysia
(10) (A) Prof.Dr. Sultan Muhammad Razzak ,Ph.D, d' Animadors, UNESCO, Executive Director, Forum for Culture and Human Development (PCHD)
292/1-B, Bhuianpara Road,Meradia, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh
Tel: 88 02 8251959(Office) Mobile: 88 01712200667 Fax: 88 02 7215007 Email:,, (B) International Cultural University Dhaka
(11) Mr Dimitrios Theodorou Thanasoulas , 39 Y Fasiou Street Ano Ilisia 1577, Athens , Greece
(12) Ms Rose Marwa Sweya, PO Box 12854 Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania East Africa
(13) Mr.Vladimir Bong Oliva ,College of Engineering & Computing, University of Southern Mindanao , Kabakan, Cotabato , Philippines
(14) Miss Jacqueline Kemirembe ,P.O. Box 71919, Kampala Uganda
(15) Mr David Sarpong (Ex-Minister) Boateng--P.O.Box AN 6642 ACCRA--North the Republic of Ghana Ph: 0277-556194 / 0246 - 579784
(16) MS. Amelia Kinahoi , 51 Pathik Crescent, Namadi Heights, Suva, Fijji Islands ,South Pacific, Tel NO: (679)322799 (Res)
(17) Mr. Irfan Liaqat ,P.O Box 385437 , Riyadh 11355 , Saudi Arabia , Tele: + 966 1 4596095 (Res) + 966 1 2922029 (Office) +966 50 9818096 (Cell) (B) Mr. Zeeshan Liaqat ,Tel: +966 56 7264305 +966507165720
(18) Dr. Teebaye Moradhun ,Royal Road , Tyack, RIVIXO des Anguilles, Mauritious. Tel: 6265981 (Res)
(19) (A) MS. Vesna Kovacevic ,GKolodvorska 3 /V, 71000 Sarajevo , BiH, Telephone; 071 561-223 (B) MS. Lejla HRNJICIC, LJUBLJANSKA 23/A, 71000 SARAJEVO-BIH- Ph: 38761893621
(20) Dr. M. Neeam, LRN2B Academy Giza Branch, ,Elmanyal Rodha, Ali Jarem St. 7, No. 7, Cairo Egypt . Phone: 002-012-2449307 / 0020104838706 (B) Egypt
(21) Dr. Ali Mosa Khalaf ,seiste frisor , nygordsgate. 29 5015 Bergen , Norway Phone: 004795124870
(22) Dr Mikail R.Patel ,CEO,Capital Sense LTD. 139 Corlett Drive ,Bramley,Sandton, 2090 P.O Box 783600 Sandton, 2146 South Africa Telephone 002711440 0464 , 002784 440 002 , 002711440 0000
(23) Dr.A.Wazir,Director, Pondicherry Iron Bridge 57 waterloo street ironbridge Telford Shropshire UK (B) CEO ,Mega Bite,Stoke -On- Trent. Great Britain (UK) Tele: 00447747830461
(24) Raja Sajjad, Chairman ,RGC (Raja Group of Companies) Schweigaarfs Gt 98 G 0656 OSLO Norway Tele: 0047 90604074



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