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This program is for individuals with extensive work experience. The combination of professional knowledge in field eliminates the need for course materials and conventional courses. The book reports on books selected by your Advisor and one research paper on a topic related to your field of study must be completed to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. An advisor will be available to offer help, evaluate your book reports and research paper and guide you through the learning process. A thesis on a topic related to your field of study must be completed to earn a Ph.D. degree.

Executives and professionals with substantial work experience often acquire the core knowledge in their professional areas without formal academic training. These students will profit by enrolling in the “Accelerated Programs” at Mooreland University. These degree programs bypass the traditional core courses to concentrate on the new development and trends in each subject matter, in the following manner.

Bachelor or Master Degree:
1- The student will select a Bachelor or Master Level field of study.
2- After his/her enrollment for the program, relevant book(s) selected by the faculty Advisor and specific guidelines for writing the book reports and research paper will be provided by Mooreland University. A faculty member will be assigned to each student to help and guide the student to successfully complete the program.


Once admitted, a candidate must prepare an original thesis which demonstrates his / her in-depth understanding of his/her specialized field and his/her ability in research. A draft of the thesis must be submitted to a candidate’s advisor for suggestions and improvements. Each candidate will be assigned a faculty Advisor / Mentor to guide the student in preparing the thesis.

All accelerated degree programs are designed to be completed in one year. You can extend your study time up to fifteen months by sending a written request.


Post Graduation Diploma – There are no specific pre-requisites for registration of a Diploma Course. A studen having at least five years work experience can be enrolled for the Diploma Course.

Bachelor’s degree
: An applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent, have minimum 5 (five) years of work experience in the selected field of study and be minimum 30 years old.

Master’s degree:
An applicant is required to have a Bachelor’s degree or must demonstrate with a paper or documents to support his/her bachelor’s degree level competency. One must have work experience of 5 (five) years.

Doctoral degree (Ph.D)
: Doctoral candidates must have 5 (five) years of work experience and broad knowledge in the selected field of study and a Master’s degree or must demonstrate with a paper or documents to support master’s level competency. The Advisor/ Supervisor / Examiner(s) of the Ph.D Student (proposed by the student or his/her referee) will be appointed by the Mooreland University administration. The advisor will be Expected.
i) Guide in designing and educating Research.
ii) Monitor his/her Progress.
iii) Act as Primary evaluator for the thesis
iv) Check and suggest improvements in the drafts of the thesis
v) Forward the thesis to the Mooreland University administration.


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