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MPH (Masters in Public Health) 

God Almighty has bestowed His super creature the ‘Man’ with upper story of brain. Man in turn has left no stone unturned in the application of his Grey matter for the progress and prosperity of mankind. This all became possible through knowledge, education, learning and information.
The mode of education has been changed all together. This century has witnessed many a number of methods and media as an instrument of knowledge. The “Distant learning” programme is the ultimate product of this tug of war. The most modern evolution in learning process is the Distant learning Methodology.
The concept of open universities in the world, the idea of global web, the inception of Internet and the use of all tools in information technology pay their tributes to the distant learning Technology. Who so ever engineered the idea revolutionized the whole world. The fruit of knowledge is now within the reach of every one, every where. Mooreland university is one of the pioneer in coining this ideology on air. “A sound Mind in sound body” and for that matter preventive health instrumentation for public health care programme is the main theme of the faculty.
Our slogan is the time tested slogan since ages & i.e. “Prevention is better than Cure.”
The role of community medicine, social medicine, preventive health education, hygiene and public health care has been duly recognized at the global level for ensuring physical, social and mental well being of mankind.
All nations give top priority to the practice of community and social medicine for ensuring good health and productiveness to its masses. So Important is the role that WHO has accepted the responsibility for community health programmes in the world.
Keeping in view, this vital and pivotal role of the subject, Mooreland University has decided to offer “Health Care” Programme through the distant learning medium, (in addition to its regular health education programme) the very motto of Mooreland University.
Mooreland University is the premier institute for preparing public health personnel for health care, health administration, teaching field work and coordination work, within all over the world.

Our goals are as under

1. The development and provision of teaching programmes for specialized post graduates in the different disciplines in accordance with local needs and international standards.

2. To promote community medicine as a key to success of health care programmes.

3. To impart a comprehensive knowledge of the basic and applied sciences of preventive medicine and skills to apply this knowledge to a broad range of community health problems.

4. To prepare specialists who critically appraise relevant health information and activities, who function effectively as members of interdisciplinary team and who can properly communicate with the public and other health professionals.

5. To conduct para medical courses relating to public health.

6. To share responsibility for conducting, teaching and research for post graduate courses in public health like DPH, MPH, Diploma in Maternity and Child Health, Favailing distant learning media. (in addition to regular health education programme).

7. To organize conferences and meetings of educational nature and practical demonstrations on various aspects of Community Health.

8. To generate interest of public health in all spheres of life.

9. To promote teaching and research in the field of community medicine / public health.

10. To prepare teachers, trainers, professionals in the field of health care for various health cadres and institutions.

11. To be called upon during international emergencies and catastrophes and wherever, the need arises for help to conduct epidemiological investigations advise / organize health care programmes to effectively encounter such eventualities.

12. To be called upon to investigate public health problems and suggest solutions.

13. To establish model centres in urban/ rural areas with a view to demonstrate achievements of standarized primary health care.

14. To support medical education for under graduate medical colleges run by the Governments or private sector. To establish a healthy nation through preventive tools by distant health care learning instruments.

MOORELAND UNIVERSITY offer six semesters (24 months) programmes for Master & 
Ph.D (in various subjects/faculties including MPH (Master in Public Health),M.Sc
(Applied Psychology) MBA (Master of Business Administration) with majors:Hotel Management - International Business-Hospital Administration - Marketing-HRM- School Administration, M.A (Diplomacy) M.A (Development Studies) M.Sc (Farm Management) M.Sc (Waste Management) M.A (Textile & Fashion Design ) M.A (Interior Design & Fine arts ) M.A English literature, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Computer sciences, M.Sc Psychotherapy and Counselling (M.P.C.) M.Sc Homeopathy, M.Sc Herbology & Ayurvedic, Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (N.D./N.M.D.) Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D.) Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines - M.D.(A.M.) Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy - M.D.(E.H.) Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture - M.D.(Acu.) Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines - Ph.D.(A.M.) Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines - D.Sc.(A.M.) and variety of other subjects. After receipt of application and registration fee, the reading material is sent by post to the students by the Mooreland University International coordination centre.
You will find the application form on MOORELAND UNIVERSITY Application Form page.
You can email your documents to
             (we prefer applications by email) or send by post to:
Coordination officer
Mooreland College London
Mooreland University
coordination centre 
The Mango Tree  Bucknall New Road ,Hanley,  Stoke- on- Trent , staffordshire ST1  2BQ  Great Britain (UK) 
Mooreland University
Coordination Centre
11 Croston Street - Shelton Stoke -on - Trent ST1 4NX
Great Britain (UK)  United Kingdom.  
(3)    OR    Be sent by post to International coordination centre of Mooreland University 
(This address is for correspondence only.  Personal callers cannot be dealt with at this address.)


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