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A Novel Idea
The academic approach of Mooreland University is based on the modern educational concept. Masters / Ph.D. degree programs in different subjects including Business Administration, Public Health, Accountancy, Applied Psychology, Fashion Design and Computer Sciences is designed, for motivated adult students / working professionals with minimum two years of work experience (30 Years or above age). Master and PhD degree programs require you to successfully complete the study courses aided for your guidance by text books and video cassettes.

Specially for Executives
Diploma BBA/MBA BCS/MSC. (Banking and Finance), MA Fashion Design, MPH, (Master in Public health), MSC. (applied Psychology), and Ph.D, Programms have Specially been designed for executives. (Minimum age 30 years or above) Mooreland University Distance Learning Program in developing Countries Specially Suites to the female population as it afford them an opportunity to Study at home. Similarly People living in the far-flung areas where the formal education System is not available, also get an opportunity to be educated. A Student Can Join Mooreland University for one or two Courses in a Semester and can come back when he/she has time to study. Thus the period for completing their certificate and degree requirement is linked to the students own pace and convenience.

Confirmation of Degree
The university will confirm your award of degree through e-mail to any enquirer upon written request. The university will confirm the degree awarded, its date and subject. This is normally all that is required from any inquiry. The university can also supply copy of the transcripts or students records, or verification letter can be issued on payment of extra cost / verification fee i.e. pound sterling 125/- (payable by the inquirer)through TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft).

Contact Us

Student should send his CV and application at Mooreland University application form through email and also post his/her application along with supporting documents and fee through T T (Telegraghic Transfer or Bank Draft or Paypal as the case may be) in favour of Mooreland College London ltd (UK) or Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University or the designated account of the execitives of Mooreland College London.
Please note that Mooreland does not accept Western Union or Moneygram payments.

The complete application may be sent at one of the address as mentioned below:

Coordination Centre
11 Croston Street - Shelton
Stoke -on - Trent ST1 4NX
Great Britain (UK)
Coordination Administration Centre,
52-Stourbridge road, LYE- Stourbridge.
DY9 - 7DL
West midlands - Birmingham- England.

 Coordination officer
 Mooreland College London
 Mooreland University  Coordination centre

The Mango Tree  Bucknall New Road ,Hanley,  Stoke- on- Trent , Staffordshire ST1  2BQ  Great Britain (UK)

(These addresses are for correspondence only.
Personal callers cannot be dealt with at these addresses.)


Note: Mooreland College London coordinates educational Programmes/ Courses of Mooreland University as its Coordination Administration Centre.

Duration of Study

All degrees are designed to be completed in two years. However, you can extend your study time up to thirty months by sending a written request.

Mooreland College London (UK)  Mooreland Education System

Mooreland College London Ltd (UK) and Mooreland Education System (MES) trading name of Mooreland Education System Society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860 (Literary & Scientific Institutions), No RS/ICT/617 is an organization working as coordinating agency among the students of different regions and universities from USA, Europe, UK and Australia. MES facilitates the International students for taking admission in these universities. Mooreland Education System is parent organization of Mooreland University


TOTAL FEE: (All dues i.e. registration fee, tuition fee ,advisory fee or postage charges may be paid through TT(Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft or paypal) made in favour of Mooreland College London ltd or Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University.

(1) MBA/ MPH/ M.Sc or Master in any subject:

(A) Registration Fee: UK Pound Sterling 60/-
(B) Total Tuition Fee: = UK Pound Sterling 1080/-
(C) Postage Charges : UK Pound sterling 120/-


Registration fee :US $ 100/ Postage charges US $ 300/ Tuition fee: US $ 2600/

(2) Ph.D (any subject)

(A) Registration Fee: UK Pound sterling 60/-
(B) Total Tuition Fee: = UK Pound sterling 1400/-
(C) Postage Charges : UK Pound sterling 120/-


Registration fee :US $ 100/ Postage charges US $ 300/ Tuition fee: US $ 3000/

(3) Post Graduation Diploma:

(A) Registration Fee: UK Pound sterling 60/-
(B) Total Tuition Fee : UK Pound Sterling180/

Registration fee US $ 100/ --Tuition fee: US $ 300/

 Total fee may be paid in lump sum or in mutually agreed installments.

MOORELAND COLLEGE LONDON Ltd is purely a distance learning college and does not offer classroom facilities. There are no campus-based activities in the UK.
Applicants for the overseas-awarded distance degrees may apply and start their courses at any time of year, subject to availability of places.  Mooreland provides opportunities for furthering your academic education using a range of topics that is probably unrivalled at any similar institute. It gives us great pleasure to be instrumental in enriching the professional and personal development of students in many parts of the world.
Mooreland College London Limited is a company registered in England and Wales, Great Britain (UK)-
Mooreland distance education is provided by the following two organizations.
Mooreland College London Ltd. is a private British educational company offering distance learning programmes. Mooreland University is a private, campus-free distance university that was founded in 2000.Mooreland University offers Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in various fields and all Mooreland University distance learning programmes are coordinated via Mooreland College London Ltd (UK) , which handles admissions formalities.The original mission of Mooreland University was to provide affordable and flexible distance learning degree level education for professionals such as counsellors, psychotherapists and complementary therapists. The scope of Mooreland University education has expanded to offer programmes in a wider range of disciplines, especially for research leading to PhD. Now in its 13th year of operation, Mooreland University continues to provide a unique range of programmes appealing to independent-minded students in all continents. Mooreland University degrees are not government-accredited and are not UK, EU or US awards.


Degrees ..
- Ph.D
- Masters
- Bachelors
- Certifications
- Diplomas

Accelerated Degree Programmes >>.

How to Apply:

The external Diploma Degree Programmes of the Mooreland University are offered
through the University's International coordination centre and Coordination
Administration Centre in UK through Mooreland College London (UK) registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK)  as project of "Mooreland Education System". (trade name of Mooreland Education System society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860, No RS/ICT/617 ( Literary and Scientific institutions) .MOORELAND UNIVERSITY 's Master's courses are also available as post graduate DIPLOMA by taking a shorter course without the project or equivalent credits. This DIPLOMA programmes can be upgraded /Converted to full Master's level of Mooreland University. The prospective students of MOORELAND UNIVERSITY desirous for taking admission in the graduation programme of MOORELAND UNIVERSITY are advised to initially submit their application for post graduate diploma in their relevant field along with registration fee: UK Pound sterling 60/-Latter on if the student due to one reason or other is unable to continue his/her studies, he /she may defer for time being or discontinue his /her enrolment with MOORELAND UNIVERSITY. However if he /she is comfortable with Mooreland University education system , he/she may submit his/her request for extension / conversion of post graduate diploma course in to degree level programme of Mooreland University.The price of reading material , postage or  registration fee  which has already been paid by the prospective student for the post graduate diploma course will be adjusted against the registration fee, postage charges, price of reading material payable for degree programme of MOORELAND UNIVERSITY.
In order to enrol you, we need the following:
•Completed and signed application form
•A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae
•Copies of your most important previous qualifications and experience
•Information about how you would like to pay the tuition fee (do not give us your
credit card details.)
• Your recent photograph
Total fee may be paid in lump sum or in mutually agreed installments.
Student should send his CV and application at Mooreland University application form
through email along with registration fee  amounting to UK Pound Sterling 60/ in favour of the designated account of the executives of Mooreland College London ltd (UK) ( Coordination Administration Centre of  Mooreland University ) or Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University.
The first step - without any obligation - is for you to contact Mooreland and tell about the subject(s) you would like to study, when you would prefer to start and some information about your background and qualifications and your aims and objectives in your life.
Please do not send any money with your application form unless we have already
informed you that you have been informally accepted. When Mooreland has some information about your qualifications and study aims, we can then advise you about the  available options .
The next step is to send us the necessary documents along with registration fee amounting to UK Pound sterling 60/) and your recent photograph. Then, within a few days, you should have your enrolment letter and first study instructions.
You will normally be sent an official decision on your application within 10 days
from the date we receive it. If you are accepted, a study materials will be sent to you as soon as the appropriate tuition fees have been received. If it is necessary to write to you or email you to clarify your study objectives, we will do so as soon as your application has been accepted.

The University follows a 'FIVE STEP' procedure as explained below:
The student submits an application for admission along with latest photograph and copies of all certificates, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, details of courses taken else where, results of all examinations and any other supporting documents, including details of relevant professional experience. The documents/application form be sent through email or by post along with registration fee through TT(Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft or Paypal as the case may be) amounting to UK Pound Sterling 60/- in favour of the designated account of the executives of Mooreland College London ltd (UK) (Coordination Administration Centre of  Mooreland University ) or Mooreland College London ltd (UK) or Mooreland Education System or Mooreland University.
Please attach complete documents (photo copies) of your professional employment
record, recommendation letters, course completion certificates, and any seminar / workshop you have attended.
After necessary processing of your application, you will be notified accordingly.The following week, your study material related to your educational programmes will be mailed to you. After you receive your course material you will begin your studies. Mean while the student will be required to pay the first installment of the tuition fee and price of reading material.
In Step Three, the student under takes and completes the assigned courses or a
programmes of study and research within the study plan framework. Usually the
student is advised to write a brief summary of the course reading material / books.
The research culminates onto a dissertation or thesis, The thesis or summaries written by the student are submitted to Mooreland University International coordination centre for evaluation along with second installment of tuition fee and price of reading material.
In Step four, the University evaluates and examines the courses, assignments or the
dissertation or thesis completed by the student. The student will be required to pay the third installment of tuition fee and price of reading material.
After evaluating the report(s) /assignments,thesis or dissertation, receipt of remaining fee/postage charges , payment of balance dues, if any, the University will declare the results and award certificate to successful students.
 Post Graduate and Ph.D. students who are required to write a dissertation or a thesis for their degree programmes specially Ph.D Programmes should follow the under mentioned procedure.
1. The Ph.D student should submit application/admission form, Ph.D thesis outline along  with your recent photograph and registration fee through TT-(Telegraphic Transfer) amounting to UK Pound sterling 60/).
 2. The local advisor /supervisor / examiner’s of the Ph.D student (Proposed by the student or his/her referee) will be appointed by the Mooreland University
Administration. The student must submit progress report about his\ her Ph.D Thesis
after every quarter.
3. In lieu of the final progress report and recommendation written by the Supervisor
of the Ph.D programme, three copies of the original Ph.D dissertation / thesis should be submitted to the concerned regional centre or international coordination centre of Mooreland University.
4. Each copy of the Ph.D dissertation/thesis submitted to the University must include a DECLARATION signed by both the student and his/her supervisor that the work presented is original. It must contribute to learning and provide evidence of the student's ability to carry out a systematic study and relate the results of this study to the general body of knowledge in the subject.

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