Vice Chancellor Message

The mission of Mooreland University is to deliver higher education, providing adult learners through out the world with educational opportunities to acquire a body of knowledge in a recognized academic area or discipline. Human problems are not confined to national borders but are common to all men and women. In this milieu, only international education will adequately prepare us to meet future personal and social problems.

Interdisciplinary study and Trans cultural exposure are positive approaches to sound university training. Knowledge is not confined with in departmental packages or national boundaries, a factual situation, which institutions of higher education may ignore only at the peril of offering incomplete and inadequate education.

The Mooreland University offers a multicultural and future-oriented environment in all its academic programs. The University is committed to the harmonious development of an individual’s mental, physical and spiritual faculties and believes in providing equal opportunities to all to enhance this development. The University offers Graduates, Post Graduates and Ph.D programs of study and research in Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Education, Accountancy, Public Health, Applied Psychology, Media Management, Telecommunication, Fashion Design and Natural Sciences. Dedicated to provide educational opportunities to all, the University has established two separate divisions to provide both traditional and non-traditional education.

THE TRADITIONAL EDUCATION CENTRE of the University offers full-time and regular graduate, postgraduate programs of study and research in the faculties of Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Accountancy, Public Health, Applied Psychology, Media Management, Telecommunication Fashion Design and Natural Sciences.

THE DISTANCE LEARNING EDUCATION THROUGH CORRESPONDENCE CENTRE of the Mooreland University offers non-traditional programs of supervised study and research leading to Diploma, Bachelor’s Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in the faculties of

(i) Liberal Arts, (ii) Business Administration (iii) Education (iv) Accountancy(v) Health Care (vi) Computer Sciences (vii) Applied Psychology (viii) Fashion Design (ix) Media Management (x) Telecommunication. There are no residency requirements for these external degree programs of the University. Supervised study and research can be carried out by a student living away from the University, under the supervision of the Mooreland University’s appointed / approved Academic Supervisor. The heart of this innovative educational program is the opportunity to earn credits for a degree by a variety of means, including independent study and research, published work, nationally approved examinations, and courses offered by the armed forces. 

Dr Bjarne Skov

University Vice Chancellor