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MOORELAND UNIVERSITY International American distance learning Private University of English speaking Union in British Asia with SAARC flagship created entity of (authorized , accredited & managed by) MOORELAND EDUCATION SYSTEM society registered under S.R act XX1 of 1860, No RS/ICT/617 ( Literary and Scientific institutions )(in the SAARC region) http://www.universityaccreditationcouncil.org 
http://www.universityaccreditationcouncil.com  since year 2000 had collaboration with Sky Link Hospitality Inc Maine State, USA and extension of Mooreland Education System" Inc New Hampshire, state, USA and Mooreland College London registered in England & Wales, Great Britain (UK) http://www.moorelandcollege.com/ and Mooreland University Inc state of Maine, USA, International Coordination Centre in the SAARC region and Coordination Administration Centre in UK has coordinators in 40 countries. 
The Mooreland University offers its own educational programmes through research and correspondence / distance learning for capacity building of senior executives/ professionals , self employed Adults, having five years working experience at their credit in the relevant field , minimum age 30 years in the world generally and in developing countries specially.
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The Mooreland University offers six semesters (24 months) programmes for Master &  Ph.D in various subjects/faculties including MPH (Master in Public Health) MHA (Master in Hospital Administration) M.Sc (Applied Psychology) MBA (Master of Business Administration) with majors:Hotel Management - International Business - Marketing-HRM- School Administration, Education Management, M.A (Diplomacy) M.A (Development Studies) M.Sc (Farm Management) M.Sc (Solid Waste Management) M.A (Textile & Fashion Design ) M.A (Interior Design & Fine arts ) M.A English literature,M.Sc (Mass Communication) M.Sc (Information Technology)M.Sc ( Computer sciences) M.Sc Psychotherapy and Counseling , M.Sc / Ph.D in Alternative Medicines and few other subjects.
After receipt of application and registration fee (Registration fee: UK Pound Sterling 60/ or US Dollar $ 100/ may be paid through TT -Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft made in favor of MOORELAND UNIVERSITY ) the reading material is sent by post to the students by the Mooreland University International coordination centre.
The Mooreland University offers research based distance learning / correspondence POST GRADUATION DIPLOMA COURSES (duration six months-which may be extended/converted to degree programmes of Mooreland University) in different subjects of social & natural sciences including Post Graduate Diploma in (1) Public Health (2) Hospital Administration (3) Hospital and Health System Management (4) Health Management (5) Environment Management (6) Solid Waste Management (7) Applied Psychology (8) Psychiatric Studies (9) Psychology (10) Aplied Psychology (11) Child Psychology (12) Psychotherapy and Counseling (13) Psychoanalysis (14) Parapsychology (15) Sport Psychology (16) Nutrition Therapy in Health and Fitness (17) Textile and Fashion Design (18) Interior design & fine arts (19) Beauty Parlour (20) Beauty Slimming (21) Interior Decoration (22) Industrial Management (23) Operation Management (24) Material Management (25) Strategic Management (26) Information Management (27) International Business (28) Marketing (29) Human Resource Management (HRM) (30) Real Estate Management (31) Small Business Management (32) Farm Management (33) Development economics (34) International Relations (35) Diplomacy (36) Leadership (37) Sociology (38) Criminology (39) Public Relations officer course (40) Air Ticketing and Tariff Course (41) Hotel Management (42) Tourism (43) Air Hostess and Flight Steward (44) Office Management Course (45) Managing Financial Resources (46) Finance and Accounting Course for non financial Executives (47) Cash Flow Management (48) Cost Analysis and Budgetary Control Course (49) Effective Decision Making (50) Management by Objectives (51) Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills (52) English Language  (53) English literature (54) School teaching (55) School Administration (56) Education Management (57) School Teaching Methods (58) Information Technology (59) Computer sciences  design (60) Draftsman (Mechanical/Civil) (61) Surveyor (62) Homeopathy (63) Electro Homeopathy (64) Herbal Treatment (65) Acupunture (66) Acupressure(67) Magnetic Therapy (68) Indian Head Massage (69) Anger Management (70) Grief & Bereavement (71) Stress Management (72) Cognitive Therapy (73) Alexander Technique (74) Grief Counseling (75) Feng Shui (76) Fitness Trainer  (77) Hypnosis (78) Hypnotherapy (79) Meditation Teacher (80) Yoga Course (81) Weight Loss Management (82) Farmacy (83) Dental Technician (84) E.C.Technician (85) Laboratory Technician (86) Medical Assistant (87) X. Ray Technician (88) Herbology & Ayurvedic, Naturopathy / Natural Medicine,Holistic Medicine, Oriental Medicine ,Alternative Medicines - and many other subjects.
NOTE: The prospective student for any of the above cited diploma courses should have sufficient basic knowledge/training of the related subject/field.